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Alright, another month and so another recap.  This month I completed 7 figures, beating January by one!  I made an articulated Sprocket, 3 fan characters (Skylor, McCartney, and Damien) and 3 official characters (Lightning Lynx, Antoine, and Fiona.)  Sadly...I still haven't officially completed any commissions yet...these multi-figure sets are killing me man!
I found this neat little meme and figured why not?  I have a lot of opinions to share about Sonic.

#01. What was the first Sonic game you ever played?
Sonic the Hedgehog on the Genesis, which was also the first game I ever seriously played.

#02. What was the first Sonic Game you ever beat?
Sonic Adventure 2.  Funny backstory, the drowning music caused me to lose concentration so I never got past the water levels of the genesis games as a kid, so I didn't actually beat a Sonic game until I got my Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure 2 for my 16th birthday.  (I actually got SA2 before the first Sonic Adventure because I got the DC so late in it's life.)  After I realized that despite how big a fan of the franchise I was I never actually beat those old games I played through all of them in order within a couple days (on my genesis which remained hooked up to the TV in my bedroom until just last year when I got an HDTV that wasn't compatible with it anymore.)  To this day the only Sonic games I never officially beat are Spinball, Mean Bean Machine, and the Game Gear games.

#03. What is your favorite Sonic game to date?
Sonic 3 and Knuckles is my favorite standalone, though Sonic Mega Collection on the gamecube can take the pedestal from it by virtue of the fact that it has that game AND all the other genesis titles put together in one combo package.

#04. Which Sonic game, in your honest opinion, is the WORST Sonic game ever made (and by made, I mean fully finished games, not games that were cancelled)?
I know you expect me to say Sonic '06, but I'm going to say Sonic Labyrinth for the Game Gear instead.  The reason?  At least Sonic '06 had a good CONCEPT behind it, it was supposed to be like Sonic Adventure, and failed due to lack of beta testing and a rushed production schedule, Labyrinth is not only a bad game because of poor level design and crappy gimmick, but on a fundamental level the very IDEA for that game is bad and never should have been made.

#05. Who is your favorite Sonic character?
Sonic himself, though Blaze is a close second.

#06. Which Sonic character to you dislike the most?
Chris Thorndyke of course, he turned a cartoon that was supposed to be about Sonic into a cartoon about himself.

#07. Which sonic pairing can you just not stand?
hmm...I don't really hate any canon pairings, and I can't muster up the motivation to care about fan pairings...I guess I'm going to go with the Sonic/Amy pairing from Sonic Battle on the GBA.  Not that I have anything against that pairing overall but in that game in particular Amy was literally written as a complete and utter psychotic, displaying the symptoms of anorexia nervosa among other things.  I don't know what that game's writers thought constituted a romance subplot but it was going to end with Sonic chained up in a basement.

#08. Which Sonic pairing do you never get tired of seeing?
Antoine and Bunnie, it was great to see their relationship develop over the years and remain healthy despite everything they've been through.  It's such as great relationship that it retroactively makes their interactions in the old cartoon look ten times more adorable, like watching the old episodes of Friends before Monica and Chandler got married and seeing them bounce off each other.

#09. Which of the Sonic cartoons did you first see?
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, I've seen every cartoon in pretty much the order they were made.

#10. Which of the Sonic cartoons TO DATE would you prefer watching over the rest?
Sonic SATAM no contest, not only is it the best Sonic cartoons but it's also one of the best cartoons ever period.

#11. Which of Sonic's voice actors to you like the best?
I liked Jaleel White's Sonic voice, I was SO disappointed that he decided not to reprise his role for Sonic Generations.  I also like Sonic's current voice actor, though I should mention that I never disliked any of them.

#12. What's the one thing about Sonic that he no longer has that you wish he would get back?
The elemental Shields introduced in Sonic 3 that would give him cool powers.  The flame shield that let him walk on lava and do the fireball spindash, the lighting shield that would protect him from electricity, attract rings, and give him a double jump, and the water shield that let him do the bounce jump and prevented him from drowning.

#13. Robotnik, Eggman, or Eggman Nega?
Robotnik, even after all these years I still call him that in my head.

#14. Which of the female characters do you honestly believe is the right match for Sonic?
In the comic book series Sally is his best match, in the games I like Blaze with him (there are adorable little moments if you pay attention to subtext in Sonic Rush and Black Knight.)

#15. What is the one thing about the Sonic characters that still trips you out about them to this very day?
Trips me out?  I don't think I understand this one...

#16. Which Sonic character(s) would you like to see get more justice?
There are a few, Silver for example got introduced in a bad game and it tainted him.  He's a pretty good character with cool powers but most of his appearances in games are only in the multiplayer.  He deserves to appear in the story mode of a game.  Vanilla was created just to be a thing to save, she has had virtually no purpose to her existence outside of the Sonic X anime, even if she never gets to be a playable character she could make more cameos or help in the menu or something.  Then there is EVERY CHARACTER FROM THE COMIC BOOK SERIES THAT WAS LOST TO THE REBOOT!  We lost 20 years of character development and continuity because of a petty hack and Archie Comic's inability to keep track of their damn paperwork.

#17. If you could make a sequel to any Sonic game series arc, which would it be?
Sonic Chronicles, it ended on a cliffhanger and I want to see it come to a conclusion!

#18. Which Sonic anti-hero would you give a comeback to in the next Sonic game?
There aren't really a lot of anti-heroes in the Sonic fact there are only really 2, Shadow and Shade (not very imaginative names either if you think about it.)

#19. Which Sonic spin-off game would you like to see get a game mechanic return in a future Sonic title?
Sonic Advance 3 has the tag partner system, where you play as 2 characters as once and depending on how you pair them up you can access different routes through the levels by exploiting their tag actions.

#20. Which member of Knuckles' Chaotix, other than Knuckles, did you find cool?
Gotta go with Espio, he's a ninja chameleon, how is that not awesome?  Fast fact, it's kind of interesting to note that the chaotix were the only non mammal main characters in the Sonic game continuity until the Babylon Rogues were introduced in Riders (unless you count the battle bird armada from Tails' Adventure on Game Gear.)

#21. If a Sonic female got her own game that you would play, which one would it be?
I can think of 2, Blaze can get a game that would play for the most part like a conventional Sonic platformer, but as you advance she can learn new skills related to her fire powers, allowing you to re-visit past stages with them to access new routes.  In fact it can even be a metroid style game, with barriers that can't be broken until she learns to throw the giant fireball, or a cliff that she can't jump onto until she learns some kind of rocket jump...I should pitch this...The second would be a Rouge game that would work around stealth and filling objectives, sort of like Metal Gear or Thief, but it would be about her infiltrating an Eggman base or something on a mission from GUN.  They can even use similar gameplay to Sonic Boom for when she has to fight enemies.

#22. What is the one thing about Tails that you dislike throughout the Sonic series TO DATE?
A lack of pathos.  When we were first introduced to Tails in 1992 we were told he was an outcast because of his second tail, but thanks to Sonic he learned to get past that and even turn it into his strength.  But since they gave him the mechanical prodigy trait that whole "I'm a mutated freak" thing has been totally forgotten.  In fact since we almost never see him fly anymore it's like they totally forgot that the 2 tails thing is supposed to be special.

#23. What are the most memorable moments to you in all of the Sonic games that you've played?
The scene in Sonic Adventure 2 where Eggman jettisons Sonic into space, the one in Sonic '06 where Mephiles KILLS him by stabbing him in the back, the one in Generations where he sees his classic self through a window and thinks it's a mirror, all of the cutscenes in Sonic 3 & Knuckles (primitive by today's standards but it really made that game feel like it had more of a story arc rather than just dumping the character in a new challenge without explanation.) and finally the final boss of Sonic and the Black Knight, where he's getting beat up and everyone is telling him to retreat, but he refuses to back down, unlocks Excalibur, and battles Merlina to save the story of the Arthurian legends.  (I REALLY want to see another storybook game, Greek Myths, Noir, even classic sci-fi, tell me you wouldn't want to see Sonic battle the martian tripods from War of the Worlds?!)

#24. What one thing about Knuckles that they took away from him do you not miss?
You know what?  All the stuff they took away from Knuckles were things that made him a CHARACTER!  They replaced naive and isolated with stupid and musclebound.  Knuckles used to be a stalwart defender, one who dedicated his life to protecting that which was precious and sacred to him, even though he had no memory of why he was supposed to.  There was also genuine pathos for him being the last of his kind, despite the fact that he was only 16, there HAD to be other echidnas in the world less than 2 decades ago because someone gave birth to him, so where did they go?  ALL of that has been discarded, and what little was left was changed.  The Knuckles we see today is nothing but a pale shadow of what the character used to be.

#25. What's the one thing you dislike about Shadow?
Over saturation, people like him too damn much.  He's the only character that has a full backstory, but it's not very complicated, in fact it's quite cliche, coming right out of the pages of any "grim n' gritty" comic from the 90's.

#26. Which Sonic character has the best theme song to you (and tell us the name of it)?
You know what?  I'm gonna give this one to Silver for "Dreams of an Absolution."  That song is beautiful and I love it.  Second place is Sonic for "Knight of the Wind" which is epic and action packed.

#27. Which Sonic character has the best theme music to you (and tell us the name of it)?
If we're going to talk the background music that plays when they are the focus of attention I'll go with E-102 Gamma.  That haunting piano belies a real depth of character.

#28. What is Sonic's best power-up from all the games you've played?
Assuming the 7 chaos emeralds don't count I'm going to go with the Lightning Shield.

#29. Who was the most interesting antagonist to Sonic other than the "Bad Doctor" himself?
From the games I'll go with Metal Sonic, especially in Sonic Heroes where he gained sentience and tried to conquer the world for himself.  From the cartoons I'll go with Dark Oak from Sonic X, the dude wanted to destroy all animal life in the entire universe.  and From the comic books I'll go with Naugus, who is probably the most insidious of them all since he actually tried to claim legitimate power over the kingdom of Acorn.

#30. What's the one thing about Amy Rose that you can't stand?
The fact that the writers and fans can't tell the difference between a fangirl stalker and a legitimate love interest.  (Though she is much better written as a character in Sonic Boom and the Archie comic.)

#31. What would you change about Rouge the Bat, if anything?
I can't really think of anything, she's fairly well rounded as a character.  A capable fighter and spy, has a good sense of humor, and isn't above the odd shameless tease or flirt.  She is also good at manipulating others, whether it's getting under Amy's skin or convincing Shadow and Omega to follow her orders.  If anything I'd change the FANDOM'S perception of her as some kind of slut just because she's more sexually liberated than most.

#32. In your honest opinion, which Sonic female makes the worst partner for Tails?
I don't really think of the girls in terms of who they should be paired off with, they are their own characters and none of them were introduced as a romantic interest to Tails so they shouldn't be judged for not fitting that role.

#33. What is the most interesting thing you know about Cream the Rabbit?
They invented her to appeal to younger kids.  Seriously that's her sole reason to exist, at 6 she's the same age I was when I first started playing Sonic games, she has a pet and a mother (things that NO OTHER character in the games have) and her abilities make the games she's in easier to play (really, if you play as Cream in Sonic Advance 2 you can beat the final boss without MOVING, and when she partners with Sonic in Sonic Advance 3 she gives him a bubble to breathe underwater so you don't have to worry about drowning even if you're hit.)

#34. What is it about the "Bad Doctor" do you find the most interesting?
His sense of aesthetics, Eggman has a habit of making evil carnivals complete with casinos, arcade games, and even roller coasters and other rides.  I actually speculated that he gets all the money he needs for building his robot armies from gambling, he probably uses his 300 IQ to count cards and calculate probabilities in his head.

#35. How would Sonic kill Eggman?
Probably by accident, he'd blow up Eggman's latest mech like he always does except the ejection system would fail and Eggman would be killed in the explosion.  I bet Sonic would feel bad about it.

#36. If Sticks the Badger wore panties, what color would they be?
Okay...I'd judge the person who made this question up except I pointed out in the past that Sticks (and Boom Amy) doesn't wear any, a fact that can not only be shown on their toys but also in their models on the cartoon.  Given the improvised appearance of the rest of her outfit I'm guessing they'd either be made out of animal hide (which would be a light brown) or leaves, which would be green.  Hey, maybe the reason she doesn't wear any is because they were leaves, but since leaves quickly dry out and become stiff she would have to keep making new pairs and eventually she decided to not bother?  Doesn't explain why Amy doesn't wear any though...

#37. Would the Archie characters fit well into a Sonic game?
I think most of them would, though the gameplay mechanics would have to be more complex and varied than the old genesis games.  They would fit in just fine in a Sonic Adventure or Sonic boom style game though.

#38. When Mario and Sonic do a proper game crossover together, what would you expect from it?
In terms of level design and game play I'd expect something resembling Sonic Lost World or Super Mario Galaxy.  In terms of Story I think it would be like the DS version of Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics, with Eggman and Bowser teaming up and combining their forces.  There would be Koopa Mechs and deadly eggs!  I expect Mario and Sonic to do the exact opposite of the stereotype and hit it off right away, becoming fast friends and working together without a moments hesitation.  Actually, remember the leader of the X Laws from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door?  He already seemed like a pretty good approximation of what Dr. Eggman would be like in the Mario universe.

#39. Should there be another Mario and Sonic Olympics game?
Nah, there shouldn't have been more than 2 in fact, you have a summer one and a winter one, unless you can come up with a BUNCH of new events there's no reason to make them again because they'll just start becoming samey.  The funny thing is that the only ones with an actual STORY to them were the DS ports, the bigger console versions had no scenario to explain WHY Sonic and Mario are meeting.  I'd accept a new one only if they could come up with a cool story mode, possibly involving the mascot of that year's olympic games.

#40. Do you think Sonic gaming is better now or during the retro games?
Sonic definitely had more misses in the modern age then back in the retro days, but then again that's mostly just the law of averages, since Sonic is in SO many more games now than he was back then.  If you only made 5 or 6 games your odds of screwing up in a few are much lower than if you made 50 or 60.  It would be EASY to go back to retro style side scrolling, heck they still occasionally do it, but EVERYONE does that, even indie developers with no budget.  I respect the Sonic franchise for trying new things and changing up the formula to vary the brand and prevent the games from feeling samey, it doesn't always work out but when it does it's awesome.
I tried to defend you, I knew you were just a silly parody cartoon, but now you are officially just spitting in the face of the fans who were upset at the cancellation of the other DC cartoons.  There's parody and then there is outright mockery, you have fallen into that chasm.  The world of animation is poorer for your existence.

update: For context here is a brief synopsis of it: Basically Aqualad, Superboy, and Miss Martian from Young Justice cameoed in the episode (in an approximation of the YJ art style, looking totally out of place) where Aqualad basically played the part of mouthpiece for the critics of the show, saying that the Teen Titans weren't serious enough, a disgrace, and were making a mockery of the superhero cartoon legacy.  The characters reacted to this by "going serious," adopting a Leinfeldian early 90's art style and becoming super dark.  The basic story was "oh, you guys want a more serious show?  Well fuck you you're stupid!"
Alright, another month and so another recap.  This month I completed 7 figures, beating January by one!  I made an articulated Sprocket, 3 fan characters (Skylor, McCartney, and Damien) and 3 official characters (Lightning Lynx, Antoine, and Fiona.)  Sadly...I still haven't officially completed any commissions yet...these multi-figure sets are killing me man!


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